Prayers for Those in Need

Prayer List

  1. Sean from Georgia needs a place to live and a church.  The last 5 people in his family died from Covid in December.
  2. Cynthia – salvation, help with addiction, her father (Preston) with AFib, safe place to go after rehab
  3. Anthony – salvation, peace from God
  4. Christy (man) – his wife is now homeless
  5. Cory – family, his salvation
  6. Ronald- knows he is lost, scared, and wants to be saved.
  7. Anthony – prayer for himself, mom (Linda), wife (Tomika)
  8. Sabita (aka Cindy) – never been to church or has had a bible – God would bring her to repentance and salvation
  9. Bianca – going through many trials and hard times in prison, for her family and children
  10. David – salvation, success through re-hab
  11. Lawrence – salvation, safety as prison is in lockdown due to violence, parents (Larry & Marie), salvation for brother Kevin, Stephanie, 7 yr old son Anthony has violent seizures
  12. Lynn – open doors to minister to her – she has never been in any “religion”
  13. Mac – wants prayer that God make him into the man God wants him to be to help others struggling with addiction, protection from gang violence in the prison he is in
  14. Esteban – needs lots of prayers (unspoken serious)
  15. Cory – him and wife (Brandy) may lose parental rights of 9 month old. He is in prison and wife is trying to get into a long term rehab.
  16. Jamie – self, salvation
  17. Kim – having a very hard time adjusting to prison (40yrs to life), needs salvation
  18. Mark – finishing 7 year bid but has to return to county jail and face a new charge that could bring an additional 10 years, salvation
  19. Vinh – Vietnamese who needs salvation and materials in his language as he speaks very little English
  20. Anthony is asking for prayer for his salvation and trial dates August 3-5
  21. Mike -salvation, step father (kidney and heart issues)
  22. Steve – loss of everything, salvation
  23. Jamie – family, daughter whose going through some trials, mother has health issues, girlfriend going through rough times
  24. Robert – son (Major), Samantha, and Jessica
  25. LBB – our in house volunteers (Corey, Angel, Lawrence, Quinton)
  26. Kenneth – self, Kaila, 2 children (Aqualeena/Aidan), Salvation, wellbeing
  27. Neil- he and fiancée, she’s pregnant with twins and there are some health issues, dad to be able to return to work after his injury
  28. Thomas – prayer for salvation, to believe God and the Bible, and his prison time
  29. Stanley – step daughter (Brit, 31yr old) had a stroke
  30. Matthew –  girlfriend and him have have a child together; caught this case together and both went to prison, God to heal him and her and build better relationship with each other and family members
  31. Curtis – son and mother
  32. Kyle – salvation
  33. Jaymez – salvation
  34. Joseph – Salvation, has stage one cancer
  35. Lawrence – asking prayer for grandchildren Jace and Alivia who have RSV and for their mother Dakota